shane carroll

Software Tester at Poppulo, Ireland. Newbie speaker.

Welcome, Willkommen.. Fáilte

2019-12-27 shane carrollwelcome

I recently set a goal for myself to start a blog, so here it is! No doubt you have questions, I’ll try to answer them all below.

Why the name ‘Testing Scoops’?

So I got christened Scoops at Agile Testing Days conference in 2017. If I recall correctly it came from being awesome at playing The Great Dalmuti and not ending up scooping all the time.. cough

Sounds cool, when can we expect the first (proper) post and what will it be about?

My first post will be all about my recent experience Agile Testing Days 2019 in Potsdam. My first time attending as a speaker! Expect it very shortly, any minute now.. keep clicking that refresh button.. okay not that soon, maybe next week.

A goal, you say?

Yes.. A personal goal. One of a few goals set out as part of a learning group.

A learning group, you say?

More on that will follow in an upcoming article. That sounds a bit clickbaity.. We set up this learning group, YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

What else can I expect to find here?

I’ll try to keep it updated with my latest experiences from the world of testing. Any recent learning’s and any cool testing tools or techniques I’ve tried. For example some ideas swirling around in my brain for upcoming articles include,

  • Bug bashing an API
  • Customizing a load testing tool
  • Observability and Monitoring tools
  • Some different ways of automating API tests

I don’t know how I’ve ended up here, and what testing is. Help, how do I escape!?

There is no escape.